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For The Wonder of Play

Countdown to Christmas with 12 Days of Christmas Play – A Christmas Collection by MessyPlayDontCare.
Get ready for a Christmas adventure filled with only laughter and endless imagination!

Something snowy, something sweet, and something brr… icy cold is on its way this Christmas!

Fill up your Christmas calendar with 12 days of fun-filled playtime & wholesome learning with our Christmas Play Collection wholeheartedly curated by us as you ring in the festive season.

12 Days of Christmas Play by MessyPlayDontCare

A Family-Fun Christmas Project

Tis’ the season where families draw near! This Christmas, rope in your loved ones together for a Christmas experience you’ll cherish always. Each of our Christmas Plays is specially curated for you to create precious Christmas memories as you bond with your little ones. Do a family-fun Christmas baking project together, or create a Winter Wonderland with Papa & Mama in it. Our Winter Plays also makes a timeless home piece to complete your Christmas home décor.




Celebrate Endless Wonder & Imagination

Unleash your creativity with our Christmas plays! From building your own Winter Wonderland to colouring your Fairytale House, you can keep these Christmas masterpieces as a precious memento at home later on too. Our Christmas Plays are curated for newborns & toddlers, making it the perfect gift for a new family you know.




A Christmas Adventure To Remember

This Christmas, our play kits feature special collaborations with messyplaydontcare’s wonderful Teammates to make the most out of your child’s creative playtime.  Mix & Match 12 different plays and bring home a Christmas adventure curated by you. 

Experience The Wonders of 12 Days Of Christmas Play With MessyPlayDontCare