Baby Sensory Collection
by messypladontcare

Embark On A Wholesome Sensory Play Journey

Inspired by the Montessori learning concept, our Baby Sensory Collection is thoughtfully curated with the newborn’s playtime in mind, and also making it the perfect gift box for a loved one. Pair your little one’s milestones with educational playtime through sensory play today

Why Sensory Play?

It’s never too early to start introducing sensory play to your child. Sensory play helps your child to connect with you and the world around them through endless imagination and fun.

Our Baby Sensory Collection is thoughtfully made to help cultivate your child’s gross motor & sensory skills in their most sensitive years from 0 months – 3 months. From teething to the 5 sensory skills*, journey with us for a fun educational playtime!

*The 5 Sensory Skills: Sight, Touch, Taste, Smell, & Hearing


Baby-safe Materials

Our sensory toys are made with 100% non-toxic, taste safe and natural materials and ingredients, for a stress-free and completely safe playtime.

Thoughtfully Curated

Each toy is thoughtfully curated & handcrafted to help promote & develop your child’s sensory & gross motor skills.

Purposeful Playtime

Inspired by the Montessori learning concept, our playsets serves to educate your child during their playtime while building an engaging parent-child relationship.

Perfect As Gifts

Our sensory playsets are beautifully packaged and make the perfect 100 Days or Baby Shower gift for a loved one.

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