A TOOCANPLAY and Messy Play Don’t Care collaboration, we bring the moon to you with this amazing set – Papa, Please Get the Moon For Me by CREATEON and Reach For The Moon Playdough Kit. 

Based on the well-known children’s literature by Eric Carle, this collaboration set is one that your child will surely love to the moon and back! Learn the lunar phases – the “shrinking” and “growing” of the Moon in the night sky with Magna-Tiles Structures. Bring your imagination to life by crafting out the starry sky with lavender calming playdough.

Papa Please Get the Moon for Me Magna-Tiles® Structures: 

  1. Helps your child learn about comparing sizes, the phases of the moon, STEAM skills and lots more.
  2. All pieces feature SuperColor® Technology on both sides. Side one allows your child to build the ladder that Papa uses to reach the moon in the book. Side two has pictures from the story.
  3. This set contains 10 three-inch square tiles and 6 equilateral triangle tiles.

Reach For The Moon Playdough Kit: 

  1. Compostable box with themed sleeve
  2. Play guide
  3. Lavender calming playdough 150g x 3 jars (Pearl, Brimstone, Turquoise)
  4. 3 types of themed accessories: Globe balls x 2 pcs, shape cutters x 3, pom pom balls
  5. 4 types of tools: Wooden rolling pin, knife, stick, popscicle sticks

Lavender Calming Playdough by messyplaydontcare is 100% non-toxic, taste safe, gluten-free and handmade. Lightly scented with lavender essential oils, this handmade playdough guarantees a fun relaxing and therapeutic play time for the kids.

Non-sticky and soft to the touch, it provides the perfect outlet for emotional release through easy squeezing, rolling and moulding! Our playdough is freshly made and dispatched out within 3-5 days upon order confirmation.

Safety precaution – Contains 100% natural and food grade ingredients, oral consumption of the dough however is NOT recommended.

Care – Our handmade playdough will last up to 3 months as long as it is stored properly in airtight containers. Keep hands dry during play to avoid moulding.

IMPORTANT: Adult supervision required at all times.