Photograph By Patrick Kok Moments

With the movement restriction underway, we’re yet forced to repeat the routine of staying home once again. It can be incredibly challenging, both mentally & physically, to put down thoughtful plans and to pause celebrations over and over again.

While there is a set change around us on how we celebrate important milestones of our loved ones this year: no big birthday bash & family gatherings, it does not mean you will need to cancel out on meaningful celebrations completely.

Stay Home Party or #athomeparty is now becoming a growing trend where you can still celebrate that important occasion at the comfort of your home – and celebrate it flawlessly! From bridal showers to a 1st Birthday Party, here are 5 Simple Steps To Throw A Stay Home Party & Celebrate Meaningful Milestones this MCO. Movement Restrictions or not, don’t let it rule out your celebratory plans. After all, Home is Where The Heart Is, a celebration is only meaningful when we get to celebrate with people who matter by our side.

So, plan away!

1. Personalize As Much As Possible

Piñata Cake By Owlsome Pastisserie & Party

Meringues By Sweet Hato

While a Stay Home Party is a much more scaled-down version of that ‘big party bash’ you have in mind, you can make it up by adding personalization touches that will instantly make any party stand out. Deciding on a theme need not be complicated too. A theme can be as simple as your child’s favourite cartoon character, colour, animal, or a symbol that reflects your child’s character like sunshine for that cheerful kid. Your child is sure to beam with joy waking up to their favourite icons at home. Now that’s how you turn your living room into a wonderland!

With EVENTISTRY’s Party-To-Go, we carefully curate a party personalized to your needs & budget. Don’t know which theme to decide? Just speak to us and let us guide you. Personalization includes matching decorations, backdrop, and even customized activity cards to make your party look unified and seamless.

2. Use What You Have

Photograph by Patrick Kok Moments

One of the perks of having a Stay Home Party is that you’d be able to use any existing space & props in your home without having to purchase anything additional. Your child’s favourite toy or book can easily be a decor prop for your backdrop.

Look around your home & make a Party Planning list to help you cut down on unnecessary spending. Guess it’s time to take out that vintage ol’ CD player and put it to good use.

Our Party-To-Go packages are easily repurposable. Our party decors not only help to freshen up your home space, but you can repurpose it for the next big celebration.

3. Keep It Simple

With a more intimate home celebratory setting, there’s no need to fuss over extravagant party setups that are hard to achieve. Instead, try to think over minimal yet intentional party elements that you can easily do at the comfort of your home. Like customized cupcakes or desserts, personalized party garlands, and even personalized party packs.

You do not need to do it alone too. Gather your spouse or your siblings to help you with D.I.Y projects and nail that #athomeparty to perfection.

EVENTISTRY’S Party-To-Go packages come with easy-to-follow setups and mock-ups to guide you in bringing your dream party to your home. No need to stress over additional tools for your party setup – we will prepare everything for you!

4. Create Your Own Home Photoshoot Space 

Photograph by Patrick Kok Moments

Photograph By Patrick Kok Moments

No party is complete without a photo session to capture meaningful moments. With a Stay Home Party, you’d get to tell a story in your very own home photoshoot session by using meaningful mementos like gifts from loved ones, photographs, and even your child’s favourite toys as photoshoot props.

All you need is a plain wall, or a backyard, and plenty of natural lighting – and you’re all set! Any space in your home can be Insta-worthy.

EVENTISTRY’S Party-To-Go packages come with rented photoshoot props that not only elevate any space, but it also allows you to capture memorable moments.

5. Sprinkle In Some Home Party Fun!

Playdough Party Packs by MessyPlayDontCare

Organize fun party games & activities for your child to play with during the party. While having guests isn’t allowed during the movement restriction, you can always send them party packs and have them play it virtually with your child.

Our Messy Play Kits or Playdough Party Pack by @messyplaydontcare make great activity kits that can be customized to your party theme. These playkits isn’t only packed with wholesome fun, but it also helps to engage your child in creative learning.

Plan your very own Stay Home Party with our Party-To-Go packages: The Mini Bash, The Play Date, The Great Party, & The Nature’s Fiesta. Speak to us at to find out more!