Dino-Mite Volcano Experiment Kit – Play Guide

You are dino-mite!


Dino-Mite Volcano Experiment Kit  is exclusively designed to embark your child on a rawrsome adventure while experimenting with fun art and science. Unleash your creativity and paint your volcano with dinosaurs, animals, and all your favourite colours. The best part, make your volcano bubble up and watch as it erupts with flowing lava! And so, the learning awaits, mess away! 


“Play is our brain’s favourite way of learning.”


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Color Volcano

Volcano Eruption Experiment



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  • Paint your volcano in different colours!
  • 1x volcano, 1x set color pots, 1x watercolor brush. 


  • Pour the jar of baking soda into the volcano. 
  • Slowly pour the red solution in. Watch as the volcano fizzes and erupts!
  • 1x jar baking soda, 1x jar red coloured vinegar. 

The Science Behind The Fun!


  • The coloured solution is vinegar, an acid, and the powder is baking soda, a base. 
  • When the acid (vinegar) and the base (baking soda) are mixed together, a chemical reaction happens! 
  • This reaction results in a new substance being made, a gas called carbon dioxide, which gives off the foaming and fizzing bubbles that you see. 
  • The volcano has a tiny opening, leaving very little room for the gas to spread out. This causes an “eruption” as the gas disperses quickly through the volcano crater!
  • A simple scientific experiment for young children that involves all 3 states of matter : solid (baking soda), liquid (vinegar), and gas (carbon dioxide).

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