You Octopus My Heart!

INK-redible Party Play Kit is an exclusively curated sensory experience specially for Samuel’s little friends. Filled with heart, this mini play kit will surely ignite the senses, spark endless imagination and creativity. Sit tight, it’s gonna be a INK-redible fun!

In your mini fun size play kit:

(1) Play guide (QR code) tag tied on 1 jar containing
(2) Pebble stones and sea shells/corals
(3) Ocean Animal water beads
(4) 1 packet of ocean color water beads

How To Play

*Suitable for age 2 and above, containing small loose part (choking hazard) and adult supervision recommended at all time

(1) Pour the ocean color water beads into a plastic tray/bowl and pour in water
(2) Watch the water beads grow in size!
(3) Put in the ocean animal water beads into the water and you may soak it overnight. You will find the ocean animal water beads grow/double in size the next day
(4) Scope and have fun playing with our little fun size ocean water beads sensory play!