Hang in there!

This Party Play Kit is an exclusively curated sensory experience specially for Jay-Ren’s little friends. Filled with heart, this mini play kit will surely ignite the senses, spark endless imagination and creativity. Sit tight, take it slow and let’s have fun!

In your mini fun size play kit:

(1) Play guide (QR code) tag tied on 1 jar containing
(2) Playdough jar x1 – Laverne Calming Natural Playdough that is 100% non-toxic, taste safe and handmade. Our homemade playdough is softer than store-bought, and promises to bring hours of fun through sensory and creative play. 
(3) Loose parts jar x1


How To Play

Together with woodlands themed accessories, this kit will unleash kids’ imagination as they experience the wild through fun sensory play. Suitable for ages 2 and above.

Play Guide

  1. Knead up endless fun with our handmade coconut oil natural playdough! Feel the touch of soft dough in your hands as you roll, squeeze and mould.
  2. Just like nature’s grounds, cover your playdough in wooden branches and tree barks from our readily inclusive loose parts. Carve out paw prints of your favourite animals living in the wild.
  3. Use the tools to cut, squish and mould out endless creations!

Refer to our playdough care guide for more details on how to store and care.