The rainbow will remind you… I will keep this promise forever.

Noah’s Ark Inspired Play Kit is an exclusively curated sensory experience specially for Lara-Anne. This personalized Noah’s ark inspired play kit comes with elements from the story of Noah’s Ark. Filled with heart, this play kit will surely ignite the senses, spark endless imagination and creativity.
Lara-Anne, don’t miss the boat! 🙂

“Play is our brain’s favourite way of learning.”

In your box:

  • Play Guide
  • Rainbow Rice Sensory Play (Dry)
  • Rainbow Push Pop Bubble Fidget Sensory Play
  • Land Animals Pairing – Find The Match
  • “What Do You Sea?” Salt Sensory Play
  • Sea Animals Balancing Game*
  • Sea Water Beads Sensory Play (Wet)*
    *Optional Extras
Rainbow Rice Sensory Play
  1. Pour the rainbow rice into your sensory play bin. 
  2. Scoop, sprinkle, pick up … Play along with your tools! 
  3. 1x jar of rainbow rice fillers, 1x scoop, 1x boat tray, 1x rainbow push pop fidget, 1x tweezer, colorful poms poms
  4. Add in toys and figurines from your home collection for some extra fun!


Rainbow Push Pop Bubble Fidget Sensory Play

  1. Pop the rainbow silicon pop.
  2. Scoop poms poms/water beads onto the mat according to their colors.
    Can be played with water beads sensory play.

Land Animals Pairing – Find The Match

  1. Pair the land animals and put them 2 by 2 onto the boat tray.
  2. Feel free to play the land animal figurines with the rainbow rice.
  3. An interactive learning game that parents can play along with the kids.

“What Do You Sea?” Salt Sensory Play

  1. Pour the salt sensory play into a bin. 
  2. Beautiful aqua blue colour that resembles the ocean will surely get your child’s attention, let them dig their hands into the salt to feel the texture. 
  3. Bury, scoop, mould … Play along with the pebbles, poms poms and tweezer. 

Sea Animals Balancing Game*

  1. Patience and concentration are the keys.
  2. Make sure they are all balance for a fun cruise on their big buddy, the giant whale !
  3. Product Care – not recommended to play with water (soak in water).

Oh Little Dreamers, Online Shop | Shopee Malaysia

Sea Water Beads Sensory Play*

  1. Pour the jar of colourful beads into a tray and soak them with water. Watch as they start to grow!
  2. It may take up to 2-3 hours for the water beads to reach full size. For convenience, soak them first and have your child engage with the other plays.
  3. You may also choose to soak them overnight and play with it the next day.
  4. Once ready, let your child feel and play around with the colourful beads.
    To double the fun, add some water so the beads will float around.
  5. Use the scoop to pick up the water beads and place them into the rainbow push pop fidget or the boat tray.
  6. Throw in some toys from your home collection and reimagine the set as an ocean, pool, and so on!
  7. Use tools like the scoop and tweezer to pick up and play around with the water beads.