Ethan, you’re wheely wonderful!

On-The-Go Messy Play Kit is an exclusively curated sensory experience specially for Ethan. This personalized transportation themed messy play kit comes with a variety of Ethan’s favourite vehicles set in both land and sea sensory playscapes. Filled with heart, this play kit will surely ignite the senses, spark endless imagination and creativity. Sit tight, it’s gonna be a fun bumpy ride!

“Play is our brain’s favourite way of learning.”

In your box:

                                  • Play Guide
                                  • Beans Sensory Play
                                  • Playdough Sensory Play
                                  • Flash Cards
                                  • Water Beads Sensory Play
                                  • Wooden Bicycle Craft Painting

Beans Sensory Play 

  1. Venture onto bumpy roads and rough terrains with your tractors and bikes in this beans sensory bin! 
  2. Pour the sensory beans into a play bin. 
  3. Bury, pour, scoop, sprinkle! Play along with your vehicles and tools. 
  4. Add in toys and figurines from your home collection for some extra fun!
  5. Vehicles 4-6 pcs, road signs, tools (scoop, tweezer, cup).


Playdough Sensory Play 

  1. Knead up endless fun with Lavender Calming Playdough! 
  2. Feel the touch of soft dough in your hands.
  3. Roll the playdough flat out and stamp on planes, cars, trains and more with the wooden stampers. 
  4. Use the tools to cut, squish and mould out endless creations!
  5. Refer to our playdough care guide for more details on how to store and care. 
  6. Lavender Calming Playdough x3 jara, Wooden Stampers x5, Rolling Pin, Knife


Flash Cards

  1. Children learn faster with their favourite themes!
  2. An interactive learning activity that parents can play along with the kids. 
  3. On the Go! is a captivating set of double-sided flashcards, designed to engage young children as they learn numbers, colours and simple words of recognisable vehicles and things that go. 
  4. Ask your little one to match the vehicle to the picture on the card!
  5. Learn new vocabulary, count along the numbers, identify different colours! Bold illustrations on this flash card set to encourage learning through fun and play. 


Water Beads Sensory Play

  1. Pour the jar of colourful beads into a tray and soak them with water. Watch as they start to grow!
  2. It may take up to 2-3 hours for the water beads to reach full size. For convenience, soak them first and have your child engage with the other plays. You may also choose to soak them overnight and play with it the next day. 
  3. Once ready, let your child feel and play around with the colourful beads. 
  4. To double the fun, add some water so the beads will float about.
  5. Throw in sailboats, ships, and toys from your home collection. Let your little one reimagine the set as an ocean, a lake and so on!
  6. Use tools like the scoop and tweezer to pick up and play around with the water beads. 

Wooden Bicycle Craft Painting

  1. Unleash your creativity! Draw your favourite characters, shapes and patterns, then paint your wooden bicycle in fun colours.
  2. Let it dry once you’re done and you can now add this self-designed limited edition bicycle to your collection!
  3. 1x wooden bicycle, 1x wooden car, 1x set color pots, 1x watercolor brush.