Playdough Care Guide

Lavender Calming Playdough by Messy Play Don’t Care is 100% non-toxic, taste safe and handmade. Lightly scented with lavender essential oils, this handmade playdough guarantees a fun relaxing and therapeutic play time for the kids.

Non-sticky and soft to the touch, it provides the perfect outlet for emotional release through easy squeezing, rolling and moulding! Made available in a variety of colours to enhance creativity and improve concentration in the young minds.

Our playdough is freshly made and dispatched out within 3-5 days upon order confirmation.

Safety Precaution

Contains 100% natural and food grade ingredients, oral consumption of the dough however is NOT recommended.


Our handmade playdough will last up to 3 months as long as it is stored properly in airtight containers. Keep hands dry during play to avoid moulding.

1. Keep hands dry during play to avoid moulding.

2. Store back into jar after play to prevent drying out.

3. Playing and kneading often helps preserve it longer.

4. Keep playdough in a cool dry place.

5. As our playdough contains 100% natural and food grade ingredients, changes in texture over time is normal and expected.

6. Not to worry, this can be easily fixed! If playdough gets too sticky, just add some flour or knead it flat and let it sit out for awhile.

7. If it gets too crumbly, add a touch of warm water or oil and knead it out evenly.

8. Left it out overnight by accident? Add a bit of warm water and place it in a ziplock bag overnight.

9. Do a sight and smell check every now and then before play.

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