Rainbow Cloud Experiment Kit – Play Guide

Red, yellow, purple, blue … oh so colourful just like you! 


Rainbow Cloud Experiment Kit is exclusively designed to embark your child on a colourful learning journey with some fun art and science. Unleash your creativity and make your very own rainbow cloud. The best part, watch as it fizzes and foams while you color! And so, the learning awaits, mess away! 


“Play is our brain’s favourite way of learning.”


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Play Guide

Rainbow Cloud Experiment

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    • Place the cloud ball onto a tray. 
    • Encourage your child to use the pipette and drop the colored solution onto the cloud. Watch as the rainbow cloud foams and fizzes! 
    • 1x pipette, 3x jars of colored vinegar (red, yellow, blue), 1x jar cloud ball (wrapped in paper). 

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