Rainbow Treats Messy Play Kit (Toddler Edition) – Play Guide

Red, green, purple, blue … oh so colourful just like you! 

Rainbow Treats Messy Play Kit is exclusively curated to embark your child on a colourful sensory learning journey. The striking rainbow colours, soft delicate textures and fun plays will surely wow the senses sparking your little one’s imagination and creativity. And so, the learning awaits, mess away! 

“Play is our brain’s favourite way of learning.”

In your box:

Rainbow Rice Sensory Play

Playdough Sensory Kit

Rainbow Color Water Beads Sensory Play

Push Pop Rainbow

*Small loose parts and experimental plays are excluded from this kit. Parental supervision recommended.*


  • Pour the rainbow rice into your sensory play bin. 
  • Scoop, sprinkle, pick up … Play along with your tools! 
  • 1x jar of rainbow rice fillers, 1x scoop, 6x small cups, 1x ice cream cup. 

  • Knead up endless fun with our handmade lavender calming play dough! Feel the touch of soft dough in your hands.
  • Using the flash cards as a dough mat, follow each picture and mould out the shapes on the card.
  • Use the tools to cut, squish and create different shapes. 
  • 2x jars of playdough (lavender essential oil scented), 4x  flash cards/playdough mat, 1x shape cutter, 1x push cutter, 1x rolling pin, 1x wooden stick, 1x wooden knife, 2x cupcake cones.

  • Pour the jar of colourful beads into a tray and soak them with water. Watch as they start to grow!
  • It may take up to 2-3 hours for the water beads to reach full size. For convenience, soak them first and have your child engage with the other plays. You may also choose to soak them overnight and play with it the next day. 
  • Once ready, let your child feel and play around with the colourful beads. 
  • To double the fun, add some water so the beads will float around. 
  • Use the scoop to pick up the water beads and place them into the cupcake cone. 
  • Throw in some toys from your home collection and reimagine the set as an ocean, pool, and so on!
  • Pop the rainbow silicon pop. 
  • Scoop poms poms/water beads onto the mat according to their colors.
  • Can be played with water beads sensory play.

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