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Dino-Mite Messy Play Kit by MessyPlayDontCare


Suitable for ages 2-5
You are dino-mite! Set out on an exciting journey to discover the land before time!
Our Dino-Mite Messy Play Kit is exclusively curated to embark your child on a rawrsome adventure amongst the deserts and volcanoes roaming with dinosaurs. The striking colours, smooth rough textures and fun dino-themed plays will surely spark your little one’s imagination and creativity. And so, the learning awaits, mess away!

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In your box:
  • Kinetic Sand Sensory Play
  • Playdough Sensory Play
  • Grow Your Dino
  • Color Volcano
  • Volcano Eruption Experiment
  • Tracing Dino’s Footprints and Scales
  • Hatch Dino Egg
  • Push Pop Dino

IMPORTANT: Adult supervision required at all times.

There are no rules to messy play! You can always reinvent your child’s play with the sensory materials from this play kit. For more ideas and tutorials, follow us now on @messyplaydontcare.
The learning awaits, mess away!
Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 22 × 10 cm


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